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An Interview with Dr. Karyn Scissum Gunn

Dr. Karyn Scissum Gunn participated in the Academy as a team member in 2020-21 and as a team lead in 2019-20. In our recent video interview, Dr. Scissum Gunn describes the vision of the Academy and her takeaways from it.

We're celebrating our fifth anniversary!

The Network commemorates our first five years of supporting middle leaders in developing campus practices and outcomes that are equitable and student-centered.

About The Network

The CSU Student Success Network fosters innovation and experimentation, decentralized collaboration, and shared responsibility within the CSU system. It also seeks to establish rigorous quality controls and an evidence base for continued progress.

Equity in Action Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce we have awarded one-time Equity in Action grants across the system. Twenty grants were awarded to campus units undertaking projects to help tackle equity gaps in a variety of ways. View a list of our 2022-23 Equity in Action grant recipients here.


Developing Shared Language and Knowledge in the CSU: Ground Your Campus’ Actions in Evidence and Research

March 2023

The CSU Student Success Network (Network) produces original research briefs, memos and tips and strategies drawn from and directed specifically to the CSU to facilitate discussions and action on campus to advance equitable student success. A series of discussion questions at the end of most briefs and memos can facilitate faculty, staff, and administrators in meeting together to address implications for their campus.

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Prepared for Devastation: Crisis Management versus Disaster Reactions in Higher Education

By Dr. Shonda Goward

Many CSU campuses were caught unaware when COVID-19 required them to pivot to online instruction and student support in March of 2020. Everyone in the California State University (CSU) transformed their offerings to serve students through online instruction and support. This memo focuses on physical and health disasters, but reputational disaster has also recently struck the CSU and the work the system is doing to review our crisis management protocols there are also important financial assistance.

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In-person Middle Leadership Academy


In-person Middle Leadership Academy

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We all have power to take on issues that can positively affect student learning, engagement, progression, and success. But it’s hard to do that in isolation. We end up without the relationships and evidence we need to navigate them successfully—and we often reinvent the wheel.

At the CSU Student Success Network, we create spaces for middle leaders—students, faculty, staff, and administrators—to collaborate, experiment, and share evidence with each other. Participants come together to support system goals, such as increasing graduation rates; closing critical opportunity and outcomes gaps; and supporting equity-based inquiry and action.

Come be a part of a collaborative, cross-campus community run by middle leaders for middle leaders.