Middle Leadership Academy

2018-19 Cohort

Eleven campus teams participated in the 2018-19 Middle Leadership Academy.


Team project summaries are listed below:

Team Lead: Dr. Markel D. Quarles, Director, Center for Career Education & Community Engagement

CSU Bakersfield is developing a student support program to help increase the access, retention, and graduation rates of underrepresented minority (URM) males.

Team Lead: Ellen Clifford Ertle, Director, First-Year Experience

Chico State is defining and institutionalize equity and equity gap language, engaging students to better understand the reasons for higher rates of disqualification for URM students, and beginning to identify effective high-impact classroom practices that it can bring to scale.

Team Lead: Larissa M. Mercado-Lopez, Associate Professor/Women's Studies

Fresno State is investigating ways to connect students to existing campus resources and services during times of crisis to decrease dropout rates and improve their chances of re-enrolling after emergencies.

Team Lead: Ioakim Boutakidis, Faculty Fellow of Student Success, Associate Professor of Child and Adolescent Studies

Cal State Fullerton is examining 1st generation, Pell Grant, and Under-Represented intersectionality for students and associated outcomes in retention and graduation rates. This includes a comprehensive look at equity-minded practices across the campus in an effort to catalog what work is being done in the service of these students and where efforts needs to be improved upon.

Team Lead: Rock Braithwaite, Interim Vice Provost

Humboldt State is engaged in professional development to facilitate the elimination of equity gaps.

Team Lead: Steven Wilson, Assistant Director, Guardian Scholars - Educational Opportunity Program

Cal State LA is developing strategies that will facilitate the removal of barriers for foster youth via the implementation of equitable and inclusive practices, and connection to resources that will serve to enhance their graduation rates and overall college-going experience.

Team Lead: Ian Wallace, PhD, Psychologist - Student Health Services

Cal Maritime is developing strategies to increase representation of female students as well as improve their leadership development and lived experiences on the campus.

Team Lead: Victoria Bhavsar, Director of the Faculty Center for Professional Development & eLearning

Cal Poly Pomona is creating a 4-year cross-divisional plan to increase student success by addressing equity-minded classroom practices.

Team Lead: James German, Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Sacramento State is measuring the impact of EO1110 implementation on equitable outcomes in first-year writing and math courses, and, to the extent we find inequities, ascertaining their causes and recommending and implementing solutions.

Team Lead: Michelle Lopez , Assistant Dean, Division of Academic Engagement & Student Achievement

San Diego State University is focused on improving graduation and retention outcomes of first-generation college students. This will be done by building community through cross-divisional partnerships with our first-generation student community, faculty and student affairs, academic departments, and research and assessment.

Team Lead: Elaine D. Collins, Associate Dean College of Science

San Jose State University is exploring how Calculus level math placement and first year science courses impact both diversity and equity gaps. The problem is multifactorial, and SJSU is working inter-departmentally to develop innovative communications, programming and support based on Carol Dwek’s growth mindset research to address student and parent concerns and disparities in summer transition programs, frosh orientation, academic advising and first year science courses and career readiness.