A Student Success Symposium for LGBTQ+ focused student services professionals, researchers, faculty, and students.

Inspired by conversations at our 2022 CSU Student Success Network Conference and ongoing conversations in the CSU, the Network is excited to announce that it is organizing a two-day, in-person LGBTQ+ Student Success Symposium, March 7-8, 2024 in Sacramento, for LGBTQ+ focused student services professionals, researchers, faculty, and students from across the CSU. Like our annual conference, this symposium will be a space for cross-system conversations where participants will share knowledge and practices related to advancing LGBTQ+ student equity and well-being.

We aspire to move from conversation to change through action-oriented dialogues as we imagine and collaborate on ideas to work towards a CSU where LGBTQ+ students can thrive.

If you are engaged in the work of supporting and teaching LGBTQ+ students, please feel free to fill out our optional survey so that we can better learn about the ways in which this event can support your efforts


Prior to the symposium, we hope to build a repository of research and resources in the Knowledge Center on issues affecting CSU LGBTQ+ students to prepare attendees with a shared foundation of knowledge. Having said that, we are seeking authors to write and contribute Knowledge Center memos on topics related to LGBTQ+ student equity, success, and well-being in the CSU. Possible topics include:

  • LGBTQ+ student data collection
  • Intersections of queer identity, race, ability, etc.
  • Gender affirming care
  • LGBTQ+ supportive university and classroom policies
  • Mental health experiences and care
  • Basic needs
  • Harassment and Discrimination reporting for LGBTQ+ students
  • LGBTQ+ graduate student experiences
  • LGBTQ+ student activism

Authors will be compensated $500 in professional development funds per memo. If you are interested in authoring a piece, please submit an abstract to <>. The abstract (200 words) should describe the topic and discuss the implications for LGBTQ+ student equity. Importantly, the topic should be specific to the CSU and should present an interview with an expert or a literature review of relevant, existing research. We will prioritize submissions that draw on CSU-specific literature or evidence, when available, and/or make clear recommendations for CSU consideration. 

Knowledge Center memos are typically 5-7 pages for interview based memos (see for example, Equity, Fairness, and Parity in the CSU System) or 8-12 pages for literature review based memos (see for example, Supporting Black Students in the CSU through Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Representation and Respect). Upon selection, the Network will supply an author packet, including: tools to support your literature search, a memo template, and the Network style guide. The Network will also provide peer review, copyediting, layout, and review for ADA compliance. The anticipated timeline is as follows:

  • Abstract Submissions Due – 8/25
  • Abstract Review Process – 8/25-9/1 (1 week)
  • Notification – 9/1
  • Draft Due for Peer Review – 10/13 
  • Peer Review – 10/13-10/20 (1 week)
  • Draft Due for Copyediting – 10/27 
  • Copyediting – 10/27- 11/10 (2 weeks)
  • Final Draft Due for Post-Production (i.e., layout, ADA review) -11/17
  • Publication & Dissemination – early December

If you have questions, please reach out to Larissa Mercado-Lopez, Symposium Director <> and Madeleine Kerrick, Interim Network Research Director <>. Please be sure to share this opportunity with your colleagues who are engaged in the work of advancing LGBTQ+ student equity and well-being!

More information regarding location, registration, and travel coming soon.


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