What Does Sustaining Momentum for Equity and Change Mean on Your CSU Campus?

In October, the theme of the Network’s 2022 CSU Student Success conference was “Sustaining Momentum for Equity and Change in the CSU”. The opening video described how CSU practitioners, faculty, administrators, and students across roles and campuses continue to share evidence, practices, and actionable research in support of equitable student success. 

An Interview with Dr. Karyn Scissum Gunn

Dr. Karyn Scissum Gunn participated in the Academy as a team member in 2020-21 and as a team lead in 2019-20. In our recent video interview, Dr. Scissum Gunn describes the vision of the Academy and her takeaways from it.

About The Network

The CSU Student Success Network fosters innovation and experimentation, decentralized collaboration, and shared responsibility within the CSU system. It also seeks to establish rigorous quality controls and an evidence base for continued progress.

Equity in Action Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce we have awarded one-time Equity in Action grants across the system. Twenty grants were awarded to campus units undertaking projects to help tackle equity gaps in a variety of ways. 



We bring people together from across institutions and roles to engage in conversations around shared problems of practice, because we learn best when we learn from one another.

Middle Leadership Academy

Forge deeper relationships with colleagues and develop skills for making change from where you sit as a member of the Middle Leadership Academy. The year-long Academy brings together campus-based teams in a collaborative and supportive environment to work on problems of practice. Together, teams identify common challenges faced by students, develop a shared vision to improve practices, and communicate about what works (and what doesn’t).

Student Success Conference

The CSU Student Success Network Conference is designed by and for middle leaders and students in the CSU. Its purpose is to advance equitable student success by providing faculty, staff, administrators, and students with an annual statewide opportunity to share actionable research, evidence, and practices for use or adaptation on our own campuses. The conference builds relationships and knowledge exchange across the CSU.

Applied Research

Make sense of different aspects of students’ experiences in the CSU through applied research. Network research helps develop shared language and knowledge on key topics. Findings from this and all other Network activities are shared with CSU stakeholders to help bring about mutual understanding and evidence-based change.


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We all have power to take on issues that can positively affect student learning, engagement, progression, and success. But it’s hard to do that in isolation. We end up without the relationships and evidence we need to navigate them successfully—and we often reinvent the wheel.

At the CSU Student Success Network, we create spaces for middle leaders—students, faculty, staff, and administrators—to collaborate, experiment, and share evidence with each other. Participants come together to support system goals, such as increasing graduation rates; closing critical opportunity and outcomes gaps; and supporting equity-based inquiry and action.

Come be a part of a collaborative, cross-campus community run by middle leaders for middle leaders.