Middle Leadership Academy

2023-24 Cohort

Campus teams participating in the 2023-24 Middle Leadership Academy.

Team project summaries are listed below:

CSU Bakersfield Logo

Team Lead: Sonya Gaitan, Assistant Director/Assistant Registrar

This team’s project is to review and update transfer processes from admissions through graduation with a focus on African American/Black undergraduate transfer students, and move toward a more inclusive onboarding experience that begins at application to build a stronger and more diverse transfer community.

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Team Lead: Anna Flores, Academic Advisor, Equity Educational Specialist

This team will create an institutional framework rooted in inclusive pedagogy to re-engage students who’ve discontinued their education, provide them with guidance throughout the process of returning to Chico State, and make available to them access to student support services outside the traditional business hours as this is a frequent concern for the returning student population. The proposed parameters for this outreach group will consist of students who began their academic career with Chico State within the last three years but who’ve been absent from the institution for three or more semesters. Chico State’s Customer Relationship management tool identified approximately 2,025 students that currently fit these criteria.

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Team Lead: Jennie Econome Chalios, Director, First Year Experience CSUS

This team will explore ways to proactively restructure the first-year seminar to fit the new GE pattern and find additional venues for ensuring content delivery. The goal of this team is to continue the work from year one. We aim to accomplish the following goals based on our work together last year: – Establish a permanent CSU Community of Practice for First Year Student Professionals -Present as a CSU group at FYE National Resource Center’s conference (February 2024). -Continue monthly CSU Wide meetings and development of online repository of resources -Collect data to assess FYE/S impact for GI2025 goals and outcomes. -Apply to external funding so that CSU FYE Professionals have a permanent Community of Practice based at Sacramento State, close to the MLA, EdInsights, and the Capitol.

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Team Lead: Enoch Hale, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning and Academic Technology

This team’s project is to catalog the various efforts and outcomes of the various equity efforts that have been done on campus to further student success and reimagine student success as part of the University’s new polytechnic designation. A catalog will identify points of confluence and use those to guide the development of recommendations for programs, funding, professional development, and assessment.

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Team Lead: Caroline Harrington, Assistant Director Academic Advising, College of the Arts

This is one of two team’s from Fullerton. This team will address educational equity by focusing on creating a more inclusive, navigable, and accessible advising environment for all students at CSU Fullerton. Capitalizing on the knowledge and insights from four colleges (College of Arts, Engineering and Computer Science, Business and Economics, and Education), General Education, and two team members who are also instructional designers. The team aims to help retain and graduate underrepresented students by centralizing advising resources.

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Team Lead: Laura Hooks, Assistant Director

The objective of the Middle Leadership Academy at CSUF is to create a transformative and equity driven transfer onboarding experience for incoming transfer students. CSUF aims to close the equity gap that currently exists between FTYF and transfer students specifically in regards to the initial connection and engagement with students and the creation of a reliable and inclusive community for our transfer students. The project will focus on the college of Health and Human Development, which has a high number of transfer students in order to start small and grow into serving the entire incoming transfer student population.

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Team Lead: Malcolm Finney, Interim Assistant Vice President, Faculty Inclusive Excellence, Office of Faculty Affairs

This team will address persistent high DFW rates in first-year courses, especially among underrepresented students, with a focus on Black students. Finalize last year’s MLA project to offer faculty (1) learning opportunities to expand their knowledge of equity-minded practice, culturally conscious pedagogy, and available campus resources; (2) a resource toolkit for easy reference when students need support, and (3) an effective way to assess if these resources and growth opportunities are closing equity gaps in high DFW courses, especially for Black students. As a result of the recent CSU’s Advancing Black Student Success Call to Action report, CSULB strengthened its commitment to investigate where our Black Students are struggling and remedy the institutional factors involved. Therefore, we need to disaggregate data and examine student outcomes for specific underrepresented student groups to intervene more precisely.

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Team Lead: Julia Odom, Registrar

This team will address administrative barriers and inequitable processes that define how students interact with campus offices. Objectives: Establish a hub for utilizing advising tools. Post transfer credit and create degree plans prior to initial registration for all incoming students. Review all registration hold categories for impact URM students. Conduct workshops/meetings for applying for graduation. Establish a monetary threshold for accounting holds that prevent registration.


Team Lead: Ann Moylan, Professor and Director, Community Engagement Center

The main issue this team will address is racial and economic inequity in student access to Academic Internships (AI) and student employment both on- and off-campus. Project objectives include a) creating a comprehensive, campus-wide plan that will result in a roadmap for students, faculty and staff; b) increasing the number of Latinx and Black students exploring and obtaining internships and on-campus positions in alignment with their future career goals; c) increasing the number of faculty who actively employ an equity lens when advocating for and supervising student internships. Long-range, accomplishing these objectives will ultimately improve graduation rates and career outcomes for Latinx and Black students.  

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Team Lead: Molly Mande, Coordinator of Tutorial and SI Programs

Sonoma State University (SSU) is trying to improve retention and re-enrollment by strengthening our student early intervention infrastructure and tracking to better identify which students need additional support and the support modalities that are most beneficial. Team objective is to plan a better structure and process for gathering and tracking early alert data from multiple campus partners in order to: 1. Improve identification and tracking of how students are doing early on, in order to intervene more quickly and decipher what support is needed. 2. Increase communication and collaboration between student support services on campus 3. Build the infrastructure that allows for cross-divisional interventions and collaborations.

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Team Lead: Matthew Masucci, Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences

This project will focus on two critical components: 1. Conduct a Comprehensive Prerequisite Audit: Engage cross-campus partners to conduct an examination of course prerequisites at SJSU with a primary focus on; reducing bottlenecks, minimizing gate-keeping class sequences, creating course-taking flexibility, and evaluating local culture and custom (versus generating foundational knowledge) when mandating prerequisite course chains. 2. Reevaluate Degree Roadmaps: Reevaluate both 2 and 4-year degree roadmaps, particularly for first-year students, to maximize flexibility, increase retention, reduce time to graduation, and close equity gaps.