The First Annual CSU Student Success Network Conference 

2020 Conference Theme:

Building a Student-Ready Campus: Shared Opportunities for Equity and Transformation

September 25th and October 16th, 2020. 

The first CSU Student Success Network Conference is a virtual conference designed by and for middle leaders and students in the CSU. Its purpose is to advance equitable student success by providing faculty, staff, administrators, and students with an annual statewide opportunity to share actionable research, evidence, and practices for use or adaptation on our own campuses. The conference builds relationships and knowledge exchange across the CSU. Over the next few months, the CSU Student Success Network will continue to explore ways to address the new issues facing our students, institutions, and system, with a focus on the implications and opportunities for equity. Our Conference team remains committed to providing learning opportunities for sharing your work within the Network and to serving as a resource for the CSU during these times of disruption and transition.< Building a Student-Ready Campus flips the college-readiness conversation in higher education away from focusing on student preparation for college and toward preparing colleges for students. This means shifting away from institutional structures that are based on deficit models and what students lack and toward learning environments that meet students where they are and remove barriers that hinder their engagement and success. For more information see Becoming a Student-Ready College (AAC&U, 2016), by Tia Brown McNair et al.

CSU faculty, staff, administrators, and students are involved in a wide range of efforts to support student learning, engagement, progression, and completion—including eliminating developmental math and rethinking how we provide advising. In the process, many of us are transforming our campuses into more student-ready institutions, but what does this mean in practice for our classrooms, programs, and campuses? Importantly, what impact does being “student-ready” have on students? During this conference, middle leaders from across the CSU will share evidence, perspectives, and experiences in sessions that are designed for active learning and tangible applications. Our conversations with peers will challenge us, inspire us, and provide us with actionable practices to draw from back at our home institution.

Registration Details

Registration for the 2020 conference is now closed. If you would like to be considered for the wait list, please email Larissa Mercado-López.

Learning Outcomes

Equity. Increase understanding of equity opportunities and challenges.

Knowledge.  Learn about practical, evidence-based examples of student success efforts.

Relationships. Build relationships with colleagues at your campus and from across the CSU who are involved in campus-level efforts supporting equitable student successidentify connections among student success efforts across the CSU.

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Contact: Larissa Mercado-López, Annual Conference Director