Get Involved in the CSU Student Success Network

By CSU Student Success Network Staff
May 2017

After two years of planning, the CSU Student Success Network has launched, thanks to the support and involvement of many in the CSU. The Network is connecting faculty, staff, administrators, and students working to improve student learning, engagement, progression, and completion. Participants across campuses are collaborating, developing a common understanding of the barriers students face in the CSU, finding new ways to support students, and using data to evaluate progress.

At every campus, California State University has passionate professionals, deeply engaged with our students and institutions. The CSU Student Success Network exists to build on our collective work and advance systemwide goals for student success.

We are writing to invite you to participate in our activities now and in the coming year. The Network supports student success efforts in four key ways, developed in collaboration with colleagues from across the CSU:

  • Applied Research. We build knowledge about ways to support student success in the CSU.
  • Student Success Labs. We support experimentation and collaboration through team- and project-based professional development opportunities.
  • Convenings. We provide opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators to identify problems of practice, exchange ideas, and learn from one another.
  • Communications. We share findings and lessons learned with all who play a role in supporting student success.

Facilitated by EdInsights, the Network has stable funding each year through the state of California. The Network is guided in all major activities by an Interim Advisory Board, representing 12 campuses.

How can you get involved?