Supporting Open Conversations for Middle Leaders

March 2022

The CSU Student Success Network (Network) stands in solidarity with efforts throughout the CSU system to strengthen our institutional culture around Title IX and civil rights. To this end, we support our fellow middle leaders (faculty, staff, and administrators) and students in strengthening dialogue, accountability, and actions on and across our campuses. The Network also supports transparency in the selection process, including open campus forums for executive positions such as system chancellor and campus presidents, to provide opportunities for public comments on prospective leaders.

At the Network, we provide structured spaces to support middle leaders working with students to discuss, share, and improve equitable student learning and success. We are working to create intentional spaces and engage in these conversations with middle leaders currently. Our conversational values at these events begin with acknowledging one another as equals. At our Middle Leadership Academy in February, we adjusted our agenda to include Title IX as a nexus of discussion for campus teams.

Students deserve and need a university system that advances and exemplifies excellence through equity, diversity, and openness. Such a university cannot be achieved without ensuring a safe working environment, free of retaliation, for its staff and faculty, all of whom are directly working toward student success. 

We will continue weaving this commitment to a safe environment for middle leaders and students through all of our work. 

Click here for more information on CSU Title IX policies and resources.

The CSU Student Success Network