“The Network is in Good Hands”: A Hearty Farewell from Ops Director Dylan Lohmeyer

By Dr. Thad Nodine

November 2023

Dylan Lohmeyer, the Interim Operations Director for the CSU Student Success Network, has accepted a position outside the Network working in state and national higher education policy. His last day with the Network was Nov. 3. 

Lohmeyer was a key voice and leader of the CSU Network for nearly six years, since joining the Education Insights Center (EdInsights) in 2018. He was instrumental in guiding the growth and operation of Network programming and relationship building, including through the Student Success Conference, the Middle Leadership Academy, the Convenings, and the Equity in Action Grant Program. 

“It’s been an honor to work closely with so many CSU faculty, staff, and students to advance equitable student success throughout the CSU,” said Lohmeyer. “The CSU is transformative in providing Californians with education opportunities, and the Network is in good hands going forward, with an active and engaged advisory board, a dynamic leader in Board Chair Dr. Shonda Goward, and many dedicated staff members.” 

“Dylan’s departure is bittersweet for all of us working to support change in the CSU,” said Dr. Goward, associate vice provost of undergraduate advising and success at San José State University. “We congratulate him and wish him well in his new position, but we’ll miss his professionalism and his considerable talents, considering all the programming the Network is planning.” 

In February, 2024, for example, the Network will be launching the first meeting of the year for the Middle Leadership Academy, which will include ten CSU campus teams and one cross-campus team. On March 7-8, the Network will host a Student Success Symposium for LGBTQIA2S+ focused student services professionals, researchers, faculty, and students in the CSU. On April 23, the Network will host a Convening in partnership with CSU Chancellor’s Office recognizing the 70th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education. This Convening will also feature writer, sociologist, and MacArthur Fellow, Tressie McMillan Cottom Ph.D.

Dr. Goward also noted that much of the growth and success of the Network occurred during Lohmeyer’s tenure. “Over the past five years,” she said, “the Network has reached impressive levels of growth and impact.” 

An external evaluation of the Network in 2022-23 found that over 2,000 staff, faculty, and administrators from all 23 CSU campuses participated in network activities during its first five years. The evaluation also found that during this timeframe the Network reached most of its short-term and some of its middle-term outcomes, including: 

  • increasing awareness among participating middle leaders regarding reducing barriers to success on campus for Students of Color, first-generation students, and low-income students, and 
  • changing behaviors regarding information sharing, relationship building, and coordination to increase equitable student success, including campus projects developed through Network activities

During his tenure, Lohmeyer was also proficient in working behind the scenes with CSU staff, faculty, and administrators to advocate for policy changes to facilitate relationship building and professional development among middle leaders. During the early years of the Network, for example, he was instrumental in envisioning and gaining approval for CSU staff and faculty to be paid for their time participating in and facilitating in Network activities. During the shut-downs in response to COVID-19, he guided the Network’s shift from in-person meetings to online gatherings and breakout sessions. 

“Over the past five years, the Network has reached every campus and has developed a supportive working relationship with the Chancellor’s Office,” said Lohmeyer. “More faculty, staff, and students are getting involved every time we hold an event. We’ve created an incredible amount of goodwill and trust going forward. This is an excellent time to get engaged and involved professionally with other middle leaders to advance equitable student success in the CSU.” 

For inquiries or to attain more information, including about upcoming Network activities, please visit our website or write to us at studentsuccessnetwork@edinsightscenter.org