Middle Leadership Academy

2020-21 Cohort

Eight campus teams participated in the 2020-21 Middle Leadership Academy.


Team project summaries are listed below:

Team Lead: Chiara Ferrari, Director for Faculty Development, Faculty Equity Dashboard Resources

The Chico State team is returning to a faculty focus with a plan to (1) develop a set of resources (readings, sample syllabi and assignments, best practice guides, etc.) to support the faculty equity dashboard that will launch this fall and (2) develop a “Close the Gap” faculty learning community to be offered through the Office of Faculty Development this spring.

Team Lead: Catherine Ward, Interim Ex. Director of Retention Initiatives

The CSU Fullerton team is pursuing implementation of the Titans for Equitable Education plan that was developed during the 19-20 MLA. The proposal for 2019-20 was described as ‘to lead development, branding and implementation of a new student equity initiative on the CSUF campus aiming to increase retention and enhance development of a sense of belonging among underrepresented and Pell-eligible scholars beginning in fall 2019’.

Team Lead: Nadine Kelley, Assoc. Director of Business Operations, Housing and Residence Life

The Cal State LA team is focusing on developing equitable and inclusive residential admission strategies, transition programs, engagement opportunities, co-curricular services, and career development programs, that will help middle leaders to encourage students to live on campus after living off-campus for extended periods of time during Covid-19. With the arrival of Covid-19, Cal State LA had to reduce their residential community to below 10% capacity (approximately 60 students) for 20-21 just as they prepared to open a new community during fall 2021. Campus-wide collaborations will be critical as we transform into a residential community that will promote the academic success and well-being of our diverse student population given the addition of a new 1500 bed facility. Cal State LA serves a high number of first-generation college students. 

Team Lead: Camille O’Bryant, Assoc. Dean for Student Success, Welfare & Issues of Diversity & Inclusion

The Cal Poly SLO team is planning to work on meaningful evaluation of effective and inclusive teaching, which will inform faculty practices, including promotion and tenure decisions. Cal Poly ranks high among public institutions and prides itself on its Learn by Doing philosophy.

Team Lead: Allison Carr, Academic Transitions Librarian

The CSU San Marcos team is setting out to create a connected and cohesive pathway of opportunities and resources over the academic life course of the transfer students from orientation to graduation.

Team Lead: Brandon Price, Interim VP for Student Success

The Stan State team is focusing on Black student success. We will do a deep dive into our data looking at the success of Black students. We have many survey tools where we can disaggregate data by race/ethnicity, and no one has done so.

Team Lead: Adam C. Adams, Chair, Men of Color Alliance, EOP Counselor

The San Diego State team is focusing on the Men of Color program. This program looks to build a community with a focus on brotherhood, mentorship on all levels, academic success, increasing retention and graduation rates, career readiness, and resources for alumni.

Team Lead: Deanna Fassett, Asst. Vice Provost for Faculty Development

The San Jose State team is proposing to develop a formalized professional development pathway (e.g., certificate or sustainable institute) for faculty in equity-minded and inclusive pedagogy, supported cross-divisionally and managed by our university’s Center for Faculty Development.